Star Services

We provide Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) technology solutions to clients globally.

GTR was developed as a business to consumer platform to market our STAR System and its retail use through our SAAS Program to consumers around the world. It is also the main distribution channel for STAR products.

GTR also created a privilege service for our valuable clients. Besides distributing our Star products, a portion of the revenue from subscription fees will be allocated to the Asset Under Management (AUM) pool for trading purposes.

This profit is then shared with our clients under the SAAS Program when the AUM obtains a targeted percentile of profit. The percentage and ratio of the perks is distributed and dictated according to the SAAS Program that the client is subscribed to.


When a Client subscribe to the SAAS Program, they will receive a set of Product keys depending on the type of subscription.

GTR’s subscription bundle will encompass access to STAR Lite, STAR Max and STAR Data covering stock, commodities, forex and blockchain & cryptocurrency.

Subscription bundles are at $1000/month per account.